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Complete pet grooming for dogs and declawed cats in Hamilton, OH

Looking for pet grooming for your dog or declawed cat? Let Soft Touch Pups Grooming in Hamilton, OH provide you with your own private, personal groomer!

Our pet grooming services cover baths, hair trimming, and blow drying. Of course, we can also perform extra styling if that's what you'd like! And we offer free nail clippings with every grooming visit.

If you'd like to make an appointment, please call us in Hamilton today. We offer convenient appointment times, including evenings and weekends, so we're sure to have something that fits your schedule!

Dogs of all sizes and ages

Soft Touch Pups Grooming of Hamilton offers complete grooming for dogs of all sizes and ages. We can handle everything from wriggling young pups to more temperamental older dogs. 

Dog sizes also present no problems. From chihuahuas to Great Danes, the services we provide include a wash and dry, ear cleaning, fur de-matting, coat trimming, and drying. And if you have a special style in mind, just let us know! We want to ensure that your dog looks and feels great at the end of his or her visit.

Remember, we also provide a free nail clipping with every grooming visit!

Grooming services for declawed cats

Cats can be finicky, but we are happy to help keep your beloved cat healthy with our full line of grooming services. These services include baths, hair trimming, coat de-matting, brushing, and more.

See us in Hamilton and your highly trained and experienced groomer will work hard to ensure that your cat looks and feels fantastic once we're done.

We love all cats, but we are only able to provide our services to declawed felines!

Your own private groomer!

Soft Touch Pups Grooming offers Cincinnati-area dogs and cats private and personal pet grooming services. This means that you will interact with a groomer who will be attentive, happy to listen, and able to offer expert advice. Your groomer will also be completely dedicated to the care of your beloved animal companion.

Our goal is to always provide superior care and customer service. Call us in Hamilton today for professional pet grooming!
A big dog visits our dog and cat grooming service in Hamilton, OH
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